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Inter-cultural training aims to prepare people to live, work, study in culturally diverse places.  Tropicalia offers specialist advice and training in cross-cultural awareness and communication.   With many years' experience of working within other cultures, living abroad and developing language skills, we can provide guidance in enhancing cross-cultural communication for you or your organisation.

Successful cross-cultural communication requires more than language skills. It requires  understanding why people behave in a certain way and that there are many, equally good, ways of doing things, according to where you've grown up and what you may believe. We take this very much into account when preparing and advising our clients.

In addition to our consultancy services, we offer modular training which can be combined  to create a course which is most suitable for you as an individual or your organisation’s requirements. This includes a combination of core sessions (which we consider essential to gaining a good understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural awareness) and a wide selection of optional sessions from which we hope you will find a match for your own requirements.

Tropicalia does not sell, disclose, discuss, evaluate, reproduce, or in any other way
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